Ergio solutions for a energy efficient house

A sustainable way to build your home is by using wood. A timber frame structure home have a smaller impact on climate change than any other material. Just think about it. To produce concrete, bricks, steel or other construction material you need a huge amount of energy, Energy which is mainly produce by burning fossil fuels, which generates CO2 or other green house gases. In the case of timber, it is a pure natural material which absorb CO2 to grow and gives back the precious O2. In fact thanks to well managed forest, timber is a renewable raw material, which is constantly growing and renewing. The trees which reach maturity and can no longer absorb CO2 are replace with new ones. On the other side the CO2 produced in the manufacturing process it is absorb by the trees which are planted.

In the end, the more wood we use in a home, the lower it’s impact to climate change! Statistics shows that a timber frame home emit 80% less CO2 than a normal building.

On the other side Timber buildings are more energy efficient. Timber is generally 5 times better than brick, 8 times than concrete and 400 times than steel related to their thickness and thermal conductivity. In this way you also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your building waste and consumption. Energy efficiency it’s saves money, reduce the energy waste and save the planet.  In this was you also you also give a TRUE VALUE TO THE WOOD!

Here Ergio Prod present their solutions to achieve a energy efficient or passive home. With U Values lower than 0.14 W/m2k you can easy get the best energy efficiency.

Exterior walls insulation

ergio energy efficient walls  (2)

DSCF8059 (Small) (2)

Roof insulationergio energy efficient walls  (1)

ergio energy efficient walls  (3)

A timber frame building will be build 30% quicker then an ordinary home. This will also generate LOW SITE EMISSIONS and COSTS.

ergio energy efficient walls  (7) ergio energy efficient walls  (8)

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